Vocalist Himabindu’s Concert: Highlight was the Sense of Perfect Grammar.

Vocalist Himabindu’s concert highlights a sense of perfect grammar in Carnatic Ragas

Hyderabad: Himabindu was invited last week by Vijayanagar Fine Arts, to give a performance at their venue Lakshi Ganapathi Devalayam auditorium, Vijayanagar Colony.

Himabindu launched her concert with Kambhoji Ata tala varnam that tuned her and the concert and followed it with Vaarana Mukha Vaa in Hamsadhwani. This number was enriched with her swarakalpana. She then chose to present Arunachalanadha Smaram in Saranga ragam, a simple kirtana presentation with touch of devotion. She then chose Begada as her first raga to essay it in detail for the composition Thanavari Thanam . The raga was evolved carefully with concentration on its melodic appeal especially in higher octave. The kirtana rendition was indeed with clear diction of Thyagaraja’s emotive sahitya. Her diction was perfect. The swarakalpana part too carried the melodic line adding to its general appeal.

Enthamuddo Entha Sogaso in Bindumalini was Himabindu’s choice to launch the second segment of the concert to take up Adigi Sukhamu in Madhyamavathi, Misrachapu talam dealing it mostly as the main number of the concert with ragalapana, kirtana rendition with an inbuilt neraval and concluding it with an enchanting swarakalpana. This was indeed a prime number in the contemporary sense with raga, kirtana, nereval and swara mode but other enchanting number in the waiting was Ragam-Tanam- Pallavi in Lathangi. These two numbers were masterpieces for Himabindu to prove her worth in the field of Carnatic classical. Ground for this number was prepared with the rendition of Niravadhi Sukhada in Ravichandrika, a breezy composition. After presenting Ragam and Tanam in right proportion, Himabindu composed a line for her her Pallavi that runs as Sri Lathangi Subhangi Sobhanamgi Sri Haruni Ardhangi . The swarakalpana she added to this pallavi line was in raga chain of Behag, Kalyanavasantham and Valaji. She then concluded her concert with Lalgudi tillana in behag. The tani avartanam by Om Prakash and wonderful support on violin given by Radhika Srinivasan elevated the concert further.

Enthamuddo Entha Sogaso in Bindumalini was her choice to launch the concert’s second segment.

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